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Project Adoptions

The RDI staff provides the vision, the drive, and the know-how. Volunteers from around the world working side-by-side with local Cambodians supply the manpower. What is in short supply are the funds we need to make more substantial inroads in solving the problems faced by so many – both here and throughout the world. RDI technology is developed and tested in Cambodia, but the findings and methods are shared so the poverty stricken worldwide can have a hope and a future. With your help we can help so many more. All donations are greatly appreciated and immediately put to good use.

Arsenic Testing Kits


Arsenic in wells is a substantial problem for rural Cambodians.  Your gift can enable RDI to test wells to locate safe water supplies.

Additional testing equipment is needed to engage in more serious mapping and water quality verification.

Health Education


The Health Education needs to be changed too. You can provide filters to a classroom with training.

Water Filter


These simple clay pots are the foundation upon which a simple, yet incredibly powerful water filtration system is built. This is an inexpensive method of providing drinking water free of bacteria and parasites for even the poorest families.

Making Soap


Without proper personal health and grooming habits, lice and scabies can run wild.  Simply introducing a break into the cycle can help stop an infestation.  One batch of lice and scabies soap is enough to treat an entire village and you can provide that cure with one gift.

Building Rain Water Collection Tank


Most rural schools in Cambodia have no restroom facilities on campus.  RDI can build a simple, permanent, sanitary latrine system.

A reliable source of clean drinking water is also needed at schools.  Rainwater harvesting tanks like the one pictured can be built on site.

Smaller rainwater harvesting tanks for home use can store enough water to last through the entire dry season.

Helping the Sick


Every village we enter into have many sick people in desperate need.  We can’t turn the other way.  They have no hope.  Of course they don’t expect us to help them.  They are use to being shunned by the rich who ignore them and their needs.  But, we at RDI feel compelled to help those in need that we encounter.

In a typical month, we assist 35 patients to a reliable health clinic and if poor assist with their medical bills and transportation.  Throughout the year, we assist at least 10 cancer patients through chemotherapy, support over 35 surgeries including heart surgeries, and many more illnesses such as tuberculosis, AIDS, and other common diseases we see here.

Where does the money come from to treat these people?  Donations from people like you.  Every penny donated goes straight to them.  To the medical bills they can’t pay at the hospital, the medicines to treat their illnesses, food for them as they stay at the hospital, and transportation (usually by a cart or on a moto) to their homes which are far away.  Please assist us in meeting this desperate need!