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The RDI Resource Laboratory has conducted laboratory, environmental, and public health research for over 5 years, much of which is in collaboration with Master’s and PhD students at universities from around the world. This site links to information on current and historical research projects and provides information on how to work collaboratively with RDI on environmental and public health research in Cambodia. RDI has a variety of research interests, some of which are listed on this page, but we are always open to ideas from prospective collaborators. Email research@rdic.org for more details.

Prospective Collabortors

Interested in working collaboratively with RDI on a research project? Contact us to discuss your project rationale and complete and submit a Collaborative Research Project Application Form –Download

Current and Historical Projects

Summaries of current projects and abstracts/reports from completed projects can be found on the Environmental and Public Health Research @ RDIC Blog.

Prospective Topics For 2011/12

  1. Microbial risk assessment and water quality comparison between various primary drinking water sources in Cambodia
  2. Assessment of behavioral change associated with a door-to-door arsenic education campaign
  3. Assessment of a dug well rope pump program and the benefits of increased water quantity in the household
  4. Comparison of small-scale rural piped water systems in Cambodia
  5. Assessment of water vending methods in rural Cambodia and user perception of water quality
  6. An epidemiological assessment of communities impacted by elevated Manganese levels in groundwater of rural Cambodia
  7. An investigation of shallow dug wells and their susceptibility to Nitrate contamination