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Resource Development International – Cambodia (RDI) has been working actively on water, sanitation, education, and community development projects since 2000. Our team of Cambodian and international staff are driven by compassion to help reduce poverty and improve livelihoods in rural Cambodia using creative approaches and appropriate technologies. Our programs and projects are divided into four departments: community development, laboratory and research, ceramic water filters, and media studio.

Ongoing Projects

kids-drink water


Here you can see inexpensive methods of harvesting and holding rain water. “Earth Tank” systems designed to serve individual families as well as regular tank systems designed to serve schools or entire villages are innovated and built by RDI. Read more



Since 2004, laboratory capacity has improved annually with the acquisition of new instruments and the implementation of new standards and protocols. The RDI Laboratory Department has collaborated on dozens of research projects on a variety of environmental and public health topics. Read more



RDI has developed interactive curriculum that uses live presentations in the classroom to teach various health related lessons. Highly effective puppet shows, visual demonstrations, and hands on activities are used in each program. Read more