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One of the most exciting ways to help the RDI team is to come visit yourself! There are all kinds of jobs to do in Cambodia that would be simplified with the help of extra hands. Whether it be teaching health and other subjects in local schools, building new water harvesting tanks, hand washing facilities or latrines in the village, assisting with basic medical treatment, or making clay pot water filters, visiting teams can quickly and methodically help finish tasks that might normally take months for the RDI staff to finish alone. All kinds of outlets are available, and this is where to find out how to be plugged in to Education, Building, Medicine, and Miscellaneous projects.
*Please read warning below.

ANYONE! RDI does not have an age limit on it's volunteer work. (However we do not have the resources to handle a primarily

Summary:Visiting teams may come and teach our specialized education programs in rural schools. (While teaching these programs other team members may have the option to build bathrooms.)

Specifics: Depending on the size of the school and the size of your team, a number of things can happen. Each example can be adjusted because nationals and translators can also perform extra duties as well. RDI will schedule the workload according to the size of your team.

  1. One or two teachers (with the aid of a translator) may lead a class in the lesson.
  2. Two or three puppeteers will be needed to do the puppetry for each lesson as well.

Therefore 5 team members can teach one (1 hour) class at a time. With 10 team members working simultaneously the visiting team can do two classes at a time and finish the entire school more quickly. 15 team members, even faster.

If there is an odd number RDI will use nationals from the RDI team to supplement the tasks. (RDI understands that things change, and any size of team will be used according to their ability and, of course, size.)
Each team of 5 (or so) will teach one class at a time with a translator.

How to prepare: RDI will provide the curriculum for the classes to the whole visiting team BEFORE they arrive to Cambodia. This includes instructions, the stories, the pre-recorded puppet program, and the routines for the magic tricks

Materials: Part of the cost to the visiting team is providing their OWN materials. While RDI does have access to many resources for their work, they do not have an abundance of anything. Teams will be expected to purchase the puppets and magic tricks (early) before arrival.

Rehearsal: Teams that have practiced the curriculum extensively prove to be far more effective than those who don’t. RDI will always be available and convenient for help of all kinds, but a team that is well prepared will be able to accomplish much more. Allowing well over a month for repeated rehearsals in preparation is expected before your arrival. (But don’t worry, it is fun!) The only complaint we have heard from teams who work at schools with RDI is that they wished they had practiced more.


Summary: Visiting teams may come and work on various building projects. Building bathrooms at schools often allows RDI the chance to also teach in schools. (While building bathrooms other team members may have the option to teach hygiene classes.)Specifics: Depending on the size of your team, a number of things can happen. Some schools need bathrooms and some schools need sinks AND bathrooms. Some locations need water purification and/or rain water harvesting systems. RDI will schedule the workload according to the size of your team.

How to prepare: Very little, if any, preparation is needed if your team is ONLY doing building projects.

COST: While your own travel agent will be able to get you a good price on tickets, there are costs after you arrive as well. However, rest assured that lodging, food, and transportation is amongst the cheapest in the world. RDI has details for the daily cost per person and suggestions on how to make your trip run smoothly without any finance hassle while here.

Visiting teams will be expected to pay for the resources they use while here. This may include tools and building materials as well as fuel for transportation and the occasional translator. Please be aware that inexpensive building methods and materials are of paramount importance to RDI. None of these costs have ever amounted to being prohibitive for teams in the past.


Medical Clinics: Medical assistance in rural Cambodia is extremely limited and desperately needed. The opportunity to visit a doctor or dentist is rare and teams that can help provide basic medical care are welcomed enthusiastically. Treatment is needed for everything from the simplest cuts and abrasions to infections and more serious maladies. Periodontal disease, abscesses, and cavities are all significant problems. Area clinics can be set up in advance of your visit and give you the opportunity to share your skills with these less fortunate.


All kinds of other projects are taken on by visiting teams. Recent work has been done with a team of barbers, dentists, and even a team of people to do trash clean up. These are only a few examples of the work that can be done.
Many odd jobs and new tasks arise every day here at RDI. Visiting teams may find that new challenges or unexpected duties, such as testing well water for arsenic, may be asked of them while here. Flexibility and willingness to serve is a must! Of course, you will never be asked to do anything beyond your capacity and chances are that anything unexpected will serve as an enjoyable opportunity! Click here to get a heads up on what to expect.

While your own travel agent will be able to get you a good price on tickets, but there will be additional expenses after you arrive as well. Though we greatly appreciate the assistance visiting teams offer, RDI certainly does not have the resources to feed and house every volunteer. However, rest assured that lodging, food, and transportation in Cambodia is amongst the cheapest in the world and RDI has many ways to assist in keeping your costs down.

As noted above, you will be also be asked to shoulder the cost of the resources you use while here. These may include education materials and supplies, building materials, fuel for transportation, and the occasional translator. However, none of this has ever amounted to being cost prohibitive for teams in the past.


90% of the current RDI team originally planned to just “visit.” RDI cannot guarantee that visitors will not fall in love with the country and the people and commit to giving large portions of their lives to work here. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause for family and friends.